It's Marple, Dear
It’s Marple, Dear

2020 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards Finalist

Coming home isn’t easy when you’re the black sheep. It’s even worse when you have to take care of an elderly mother with dementia—a mother who didn’t even raise you…

Mary Sue Murphy had finally found fame as a journalist when ‘the twins’ dump the responsibility of their mother in her lap, forcing her to come back to the dusty little New Mexico town she hasn’t called home since their parents split when she was just a kid. After freeing her mother from the nursing home, all kinds of $#*! hits the fan…

Who is the dead woman her mother keeps talking about? She has to get to the bottom of it—if only her mother would quit calling her Raymond. And, what was the deal with the purse? And then there’s Lonnie. Wowza.

Saving Jackie
Saving Jackie

As a Navy SEAL, Lt Flynn “Flint” Daniels faced some of the toughest customers in the world. Yet, he has just one fear—ghosts. When he unexpectedly arrives at a haunted B&B near San Diego he has to confront that fear. Fortunately for him, the woman who lives at the inn knows a lot about ghosts. His simple weekend with friends spoiled, Flint is pleasantly surprised at the sense of camaraderie that quickly develops between them—even while spirits lurk.

When Jackie learned that the current owner of her beachside mansion had turned it into a B&B, she never expected to meet the hottest guy she’d ever seen. She also never expected the instant spark between them. She knew he wouldn’t be interested in her if he learned her secret, and she didn’t know how long she could hide it from him.

Neither Flint nor Jackie were prepared for the arrival of a ghost hunter at the B&B, but if Jackie thought that a simple séance would scare off Flint, she’d be mistaken.

**SAVING JACKIE is a stand-alone romance. It is Book 1 in the SEAL Team 6, Off Duty series.**

Paradise Park
Paradise Park

2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards Winner

It’s 1867 in New York City, and William Muldoon is a local wrestling champion and policeman working the beat in the infamous Five Points.

When a fellow wrestler turns up dead, Muldoon’s foster brother is pinned for the gristly murder. The police captain names Muldoon’s rivals to head the investigation, so Muldoon launches his own unofficial probe to prove his brother’s innocence. After a young debutante is murdered in a similar manner, he must find the connection and catch the perpetrator before others are killed and his brother is hanged for the crime…

“A simple plot and clean prose make for a solid piece of historical fiction . . . A no-nonsense page-turner.”

Publisher’s Weekly