Mad Hildebrandt is an award-winning author. Sometimes she goes by Mad, and sometimes by Doc. Occasionally, she goes by Mad Doctor.

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It’s Marple, Dear

Coming home isn’t easy when you’re the black sheep. It’s even worse when you have to take care of an elderly mother with dementia—a mother who didn’t even raise you…

Mary Sue Murphy had finally found fame as a journalist when ‘the twins’ dump the responsibility of their mother in her lap, forcing her to come back to the dusty little New Mexico town she hasn’t called home since their parents split when she was just a kid. After freeing her mother from the nursing home, all kinds of $#*! hits the fan…

Who is the dead woman her mother keeps talking about? She has to get to the bottom of it—if only her mother would quit calling her Raymond. And, what was the deal with the purse? And then there’s Lonnie. Wowza.

It's Marple, Dear
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